Palm Sunday Troparion, by Nigel Williams
This anthem is the traditional hymn for two occasions in the Orthodox calendar: the Raising of Lazarus and Palm Sunday. The translation is the composer's own, with some words left in the original Slavonic. The tune is possibly the most famous Russian chant, newly harmonized and embellished. The fugal section uses an idea suggested by the poem 'Upon the Ass that bore our Saviour.'
For four-part unaccompanied SATB choir,  with scope for optional bass octavists.
Palm Sunday,
St Lazarus
For similar occasions
Great Is Your Faithfulness
Palm Sunday Troparion

Thou hast vouchsafed that all will rise again when, before Thy Passion, Thou raisedst Lazarus from the dead, O Christ God. So like children, bearing palms of triumph, we cry out to Thee, conqueror of death. Hosanna in the Highest! He cometh blessed in the name of the Lord.
Detail from the Raising of Lazarus by Rosie Hall
Detail from Ikon of the Raising of Lazarus, courtesy of Rosie Hall
Upon the Ass that Bore our Saviour

Hath only anger an omnipotence
In eloquence?
Within the lips of love and joy doth dwell
No miracle?
Why else had Balaam's ass a tongue to chide
His master's pride?
And thou (heaven-burthen'd beast) hast ne'er a word
To praise thy Lord?
That he should find a tongue and vocal thunder
Was a great wonder.
But o methinks 'tis far greater one
That thou find'st none.
       Richard Crashaw 1612-49