Third Mode Descant, by Nigel Williams
The words are by John Mason (d. 1694). Alternative words are, "I heard the voice of Jesus" by Horatius Bonar. The hymn tune was written and harmonized by Thomas Tallis for Archbishop Parker's metrical psalter. It was included by Vaughan Williams in the English Hymnal (92) using the title
Third Mode Melody, with altered rhythms and a choice of the melody in the tenor or treble.  He also used the tune for his famous Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis. Later hymnbooks have kept the treble melody, including New English Hymnal (373) which matches it to Mason's words. My edition retains Tallis's arrangement for choirs, so the tenor has the melody, and adds an original descant for the final verse.
Waltham Abbey
Four-part choir and organ with strong tenor or baritone and soprano/treble.
Epiphany or Trinity seasons
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