Vitis Vera (the True Vine), by Nigel Williams
Written in 2003 for the composer's wife and setting the gospel text from their wedding service.
The text used is from the Vulgate, prepared by St Jerome (feast day 30th September).
Other Editions
Mostly for fun, a partbook edition was produced during the pandemic of 2020.
String quartet and Viola da Gamba transcriptions also available. (External site).
For four-part choir, unaccompanied or with organ doubling.
For communion, but also suitable for services of commitment and dedication.
I am the true vine.
You are the branches.

In this is my father glorified,
That you bear abundant fruit and are turned into my disciples.

Whoever abides in me, and I in him, bears copious fruit,
For without me you can do nothing.

I am the true vine.
You are the branches.